Special Programs

WPFS offers a wide variety of special programs each week.

Wednesday’s at Noon- Talking Politics with Robin Johnson
This rebroadcast from KBUR 1490 AM in Burlington, IA features MC professor Robin Johnson discussing current political issues with with senators, congressman, governors, and other political elite.

Thursday’s at Noon and Saturday’s at 9 a.m.- WPFS Radio Theatre featuring ZBS productions
Each week we feature different radio drama stories.  So take a lunch break and let us transport you to a world of imagination with these great stories of action and adventure.

Friday’s at Noon and Sunday’s at 2 p.m.- Back Stage Pass
WPFS will take you backstage each week to talk to new and undiscovered bands and artists and showcase their music.

Sunday’s at 9:30 A.M.- Music and the Spoken Word
“Music & the Spoken Word is the longest-running uninterrupted network broadcast in the world. Its audience continues to grow as more people tune to its half hour of uplifting music and inspiring prose.Featuring modern and traditional arrangements of spiritual, patriotic, popular, classical and contemporary music coupled with timely, inspiring prose, Music & the Spoken Word becomes an uplifting, rejuvenating destination that listeners and viewers return to every week.”

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