Spring 2017 Program Guide

Come Listen to the “Early Morning Hour” with Will Best on 105.9 Fighting Scots Radio. The show runs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7-8 in the morning. It features 60s, 70s, and 80s classic hits and every Friday a new band will be featured as our Band of the Day. The Early Morning Hour, your place for classic hits.

Make sure to tune into WPFS 105.9 Proud Fighting Scots Radio from 1-2 pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for The “Westside with Emma Fern” to vibe to some smooth tunes and stay up to date with the week’s events!

Tune in to “Turnt Town Tunes” with your hosts Lexy and Carla every Monday from 8-10 pm and Tuesdays from 7-8 pm. The show features the latest r&b with hip-hop songs along with Throwbacks from the 90s to early 2000s. Only on WPFS 105.9!

Join Brody Anderson on “Wall to Wall Politics” every Tuesday from 3-4 pm. He will be discussing the political decisions that affect us on a local, state, national, and international level. Only on WPFS Proud Fighting Scots Radio 105.9 Monmouth.

Join Brody Anderson and Lexi Mink for “That Radio Show” every Tuesday from 4-7 pm. They will be playing all of your favorite music from the last 4 decades of rock. So join them each week on WPFS Proud Fighting Scots Radio, 105.9 Monmouth.

Are you a fan of Rock, Metal or Indie Music?  Join Myles and Garrett for “Afternoon Sessions” every Wednesday from 2-5 pm and get your fill.  There will be music, chatting, and much more! Only on WPFS Proud Fighting Scots Radio 105.9 Monmouth.

Want to stay up to date on today’s tops hits? Then tune in every  Wednesday from 6-9 pm for “Today’s Top Hits with Katie and Bailey”, where they’ll keep you in the loop of today’s hottest hits, only on “WPFS 105.9 Proud Fighting Scots Radio”.

“Big Ideas with Big D and Big I” is a show where we discuss big topics and play some favorite tunes. A comedy based show Big D and I are able to take ideas and find the comic relief in them. So if you’re looking for some great discussion and some great laughs tune into 105.9 WPFS on Wednesday’s from 9 pm-12 am and get your fix of big ideas for the week.

Join Emma G. every Thursday from 3-7 pm for her show “No Strings Attached”, a show about all different kinds of music, where anything and everything goes.

Join Marina’s “Pop Culture This Week” show that will leave you wanting more every day as she keeps you in the loop of celebrity gossip and more! Featuring juicy stories regarding some of your favorite artists like Rihanna, The Weeknd, Fifth Harmony, J Cole, Beyoncé and many more of your favorites. Tune in every Thursday from 7-10 pm to her show for celebrity gossip you won’t get anywhere else.

Tune into WPFS on Thursdays from 10 pm to 1 am for “Unknown Pleasures” showcasing reviews of music, art, and visual artists. Each show, Hannah will be reviewing an underground album and talking about art around the Monmouth area.

DJ Jazmin will make sure that you start your weekend with great music. She is very opened minded, so you never know what type of music she will be playing next. Tune in every Friday to “Yara” from 3-6 pm and catch her at WPFS Proud Fighting Scots Radio, 105.9 Monmouth. “Just give it a chance!”

Tune in to 105.9  WPFS Fighting Scots Radio every Friday from 7-10 pm to hear Sebastian Hernandez and Riley Hess on “Seabass and Ryhorn”. They will share their creative visions by using their imagination to explain what each song speaks to them.

Have you been looking for something, but don’t know what it is? Feel as though you seek enlightenment? Then come into the dungeon. The Dankest Dungeon. Tune in to “The Dankest Dungeon” on Fridays from 10 pm to 1 am with hosts Ethan Hager, and Gebuloar Farseer, Master Wizard . Only on 105.9 FM WPFS Proud Fighting Scots Radio.

Join Lily for her show “Otra Perspectiva”, a full-on Spanish show that highlights the best rock, indie, and pop music in Spanish. Tune in every Saturday from 12-1 pm for the show, no te lo pierdas!

Now Spinning// Now Listening critiques the greatest albums ever released along side of contemporary music now. Tune in with Rubi every Sunday from 7-10 pm and listen to the newest album critique!


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